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Ginnifer Goodwin To Receive My Journal

Ginnifer Goodwin journal gift set vintage keepsakes

I have a huge announcement! The Nib and Quill will be gifting a little Coptic journal to none other than Hollywood actress Ginnifer Goodwin. She will be receiving one of my journals along with 34 other great gifts. Ginnifer will be receiving her Celebrity gift bag from The Artisan Group around the first week of December.

I am just so tickled about this amazing opportunity and truly hope that she loves my handmade journal and all the goodies that will be gifted with it.

8 thoughts on “Ginnifer Goodwin To Receive My Journal

  1. Congrats Kristi. So pleased for you!

    1. Thank you so much. Isn’t it exciting? I hear that you are gifting to Hillary Duff?

  2. How beautiful! It will definitely catch her eye! I am so proud for you!

    1. Thank you Melinda. I am so excited.

  3. […] thing about the internet. Through FB, I saw that she was selected to have her journals put in the Celebrity Grab Bags. How awesome is that! I am so excited for […]

  4. I sent you a message Kristi. You are so awesome and I just love learning from you…and okay copying too, but hey copying is a form of compliment -right wink+smile. Congratulations! You are truly an inspiration to a neophyte like me.

    1. You are so sweet to say and I am more than willing to help when I can.

  5. Wow!! What an honor! I’m sure she will love her journal! Who wouldn’t?? Take care and best wishes in 2012!

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